Primary Care Physicians

Daniel Marcus MD FACC

Dr. Daniel Marcus is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has a Specialty in Cardiology. He attended Syracuse University, University of Miami School of Medicine, NYU Medical Center, New York, New York for internship, residency, and fellowship. Dr. Marcus has an interest in Internal Medicine and non-invasive Cardiology. He chose to be a Doctor so that he could use his love of science and his desire to help people live healthy lives.

Dr. Marcus loves connecting with his patients and works to keep them healthy and is always there for them when they are not feeling well. He encourages every patient not to worry so much and that they will get better faster if they use patience as a part of their personal care plan. Dr. Marcus believes that laughter is a big part of having a healthy lifestyle.
Dr. Marcus enjoys music and plays the piano for his family. He also enjoys reading and video games. Dr. Marcus moved from New York to Tamarac many years ago with his wife Barbara and three daughters.
Dr. Marcus is married to his wife Barbara and has three daughters who also are a musician, audiologist, and pathologist.

Telemedicine Appointment

Bonnie Gorman

Health Leader

Bonnie Gorman is a Health Leader at NeighborMD of Tamarac. She is a seasoned Medical Office Manager with over 25 years of experience. Her experiences are with administrative tasks that include coding and billing. Her experience started as a Health Unit Coordinator specializing in telemetry and intensive care units. Her career evolved by becoming a Registered Medical Coder. As the Health Leader at Neighbor MD of Tamarac, her duties include administrative, clerical, and clinical overseeing the Primary Care Internal Medicine and Cardiology Practice at NeighborMD of Tamarac.

Bonnie is originally from Montreal, Canada and moved to Florida when she was 8 years old. She grew up in North Miami Beach and eventually kept moving north landing in Tamarac. She is an avid cat lover and often assists to help the strays in the neighborhood. Bonnie would love to save all the cats in her neighborhood.

Sonia Foster

Health Coach

Sonia Foster is a Health Coach at NeighborMD of Tamarac. Her career began in 1979 with the desire to help people and loves her job at NeighborMD of Tamarac caring for patients and helping them pursue health and wellness.
Sonia began her adventure in healthcare on February 2, 1971, with one thing in her heart and that was to help people. She is a native New Yorker and graduated with an Associate’s Degree from Biscayne College and Paramedical Institute in Miami in Applied Science and Certified in Medical Assistant.

Sonia has enjoyed working as Dr. Marcus’s assistant for all of these years. She provides EKG’s, develops x-rays, assists in wound care and other triage procedures. Sonia prides herself on ensuring that the practice has everything it needs to run smoothly and efficiently for the NeighborMD patients. The most valuable part of her job is comforting our patients in their most stressful moments, calming their fears, and helping them understand what the doctor has told them.
Sonia has been married for 45 years, has 2 children and 5 grandchildren. She enjoys cooking and working in her garden. Her greatest joy when she is not caring for patients at NeighborMD is found with her family at home.

Barbara Schwartz

Care Coordinator

Barbara Schwartz is a Care Coordinator at NeighborMD of Tamarac.
Originally from New York, Barbara graduated from St. Johns University with a BA in philosophy.
Barbara taught briefly in the New York Public School system and moved to Florida in 1979. I owned a florist shop for many years and decided to join the medical field when her daughter went to college.

As a Care Coordinator, the patient’s needs and concerns are very important to her and she provides the patients with a smooth and stress free experience. Barbara enjoys greeting the patients as they check-in and schedules any tests procedures needed for the patients as they check out. She also answers the phones and addresses any requests they may have and refers to any issues to the appropriate department.
The NeighborMD of the Tamarac team has worked together since 2001. Collaboratively they carry a passion for providing personalized care and feel responsible for providing an enriched patient experience.

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